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Space Rangers 2 Reboot Cheats

Space Rangers 2 - Reboot

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Hold [Shift] + [Ctrl] while typing one of the following codes during game
play to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Code        Result
Device    - Complete set of top-tier equipment.
Arts      - One of each artifact.
Module    - One of each Micromodule.
Skill     - maximize all skills.
Program   - 100 copies of all programs.
Stimulant - Applies all stimulants to player; all last one year.
Ideal     - Transform player's hull into "Ideal" class hull.
Showmap   - Reveals entire map.
Technic   - Equipment stops deteriorating.
Ammo      - Unlimited ammo and fuel; 
            weapons no longer need to recharge in hyperspace.
God       - Invulnerability.
Horror    - Dominators attack systems very fast

Planetary battle cheats:
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding 
cheat function. 

Result     Code 	
Hurry    - Backup will be ready to arrive.
MegaBust - All robots and constructions for the player receive the double 
           health; once per battle.

Dominators Capturing:
Submitted by: Mats ?hman

Cheat : Horror
Cost  : 10 points
Enter : Anywhere
Effect: The dominators will begin to attack systems VERY FAST!
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