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Space Quest 1 Cheats

Space Quest 1 

Easter Egg:
The triple-breasted hooker from Eroticon VI (reference to 
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) is sitting at the bar at 
Ulence Flats. 

When leaving Ulence Flats, the time pod from SQ4 pops up. 

The droid in the Deltaur's armory is Marvin, the ever-popular 
superintelligent paranoid android from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 

The Warbird from Star Trek appears in the intro and when you choose the 
wrong coordinates for your ship three times. 

The closet door in the Arcade shuttle bay entrance bears the logo of a 
sword through a planet - used by the Alternate Federation in Star Trek: 
Mirror Mirror. 

When entering the hologram area on Kerona, the theme song starts out like 
the theme song from "2001: A Space Oddysey", but then changes into something 

When you press the "don't touch" button in the escape pod, you end up at 
Nottingham Castle, featured in "Conquests of Camelot". 

The storedroid working for Droids-B-Us is Robbie from "The Forbidden Planet". 

The Blues Brothers, ZZ-top and Madonna appear in the bar at Ulence Flats. 

The nose of a Star Trek: TNG shuttle is sticking out from behind the bar. 

The Xenonian man that awards you with the Golden Mop at the end of the 
game is King Graham from the King's Quest series. 

Droids-B-Us is a parody of Toys-R-Us. There's even a modified version 
of the Toys-R-Us giraffe in front of Droids-B-Us!! 

At Ulence Flats, look at the mountains in the distance. 
YoWammy National Park is mentioned. This is a parody of Yosemite National Park.
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