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Space Empires 5 Cheats

Space Empires 5

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press ~ at the main window, then enter one of the following codes.
Press ~ to activate the cheat.

Result                                      Code 
100,000 to all resources                   - money  
100,000 to all resources                   - research  
Construction gets 1,000,000                - fastbuild  
No longer pay maintenance                  - nomaint
All solar systems seen                     - allsysseen
All other players encountered              - allempseen
Omnipresent in all solar systems           - omni
All technologies                           - alltech
+100,000 intelligence points               - intel
All ships get full supplies and ordinance  -  restoresupplies
Collision grid in combat                   - collisiongrid
Show statistics on selected combat object  - showstats
Retrofit current ship to new design        - retrofit [design name]
Completely repair selected ship            - repair
All players set to human control           - allplayershuman
All combats are shown on screen            - viewallcombats
Get copies of enemy ship and unit designs  - viewalldesigns

Continue playing:
Use a text editor to edit the "victoryconditions.txt" file in the 
"\space empires v\data" directory. You will see a text document 
with the Victory Conditions. Look at the top line of it and it 
end with: the game is over. 
Change the words: "is over" into: "continuos". Now save the changes 
and start the game. If you complete your mission(s) it should now 
say that you can now continue playing.
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