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South Park Cheats

South Park

Cheat Codes:
Press [Esc] during game play and select "Options". 
Then, click in the lower left corner and enter one 
of the following codes to activate the corresponding
cheat function. 

Big enemy heads                 - type EGOTRIP 
Invincibility                   - type BEEFCAKE 
All weapons with unlimited ammo - type SWEET 
Display frame rate              - type FRAMERATE 
Unlimited ammo                  - type Bobby Bird

For Phillip enter PHAERT
For Terrence enter RAFT
For Jimbo enter STARINGFROG
For Ned enter HAWKING
For Skinny enter VEGGIEHEAVEN
For big heads enter MEGANOGGIN
For pen and ink mode enter PLANEARIUM

100,00,00 dodge balls: 
In the game, when you see a dodge ball type: cartmanwantsball 

Tip 1
Use your radar scope to track incoming enemies, but follow the 
signs for directions (not the scope arrow, which can be confusing). 

Tip 2
Use the same first-person tactics from the Turok games (for example,
run backward while firing at an onslaught of enemies). 

Tip 3
You get points for not killing innocent animals, even though it's 
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