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South Park Chefs Luv Shack Cheats

South Park - Chef's Luv Shack

Spank The Monkey mini-game:
In the Spank The Monkey game, notice that the monkey's 
butts become red when Mr. Mackey hits them, and become 
redder every time they are hit. If you forget the pattern, 
watch the order that the butts turn back to normal.

Better variety of mini-games:
Play as Cartman if you want a better variety of mini-games. 
He is the only character that can play the Rodeo and Beefcake 

Beefcake bonus:
Eat every single can of Weight Gain 4000 in the Beefcake 
mini-game to see a bonus animation at the end.

When spinning the Wheel of Fortuitousness, always remember 
to hold down the Action key--otherwise, the wheel spins one 
notch and leaves you with nothing. 

Punching other players or unplugging their gamepads is 
fair play during multiplayer rounds. 

When playing Asses in Space, staying stationary is the 
best defense.
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