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Sonic Robo Blast 2 Cheats

Sonic Robo Blast 2

Console Cheat Codes:
Update by: dodgid
Submitted by SRB21103

Press ~ (tilde) and then type in the following:

Codes                     Effect
God                     - toggles invincibility.
Noclip                  - go thru walls.
Gravity                 - change the gravity.
Startrings [number]     - how many rings you have.
Startlives [number]     - how many lives you have.
Startcontinues [number] - how many continues you have.
Resetemeralds           - loose all chaos emeralds.
Devmode                 - developer's mode.
objectpace              - place the objects

"Classic" (ID) Cheats:
Since SRB2 is based on Doom, it still has stuff like iddqd and idkfa,
etc. Exept it has different names and does different stuffs.
To use these cheats, you just type them in, letter for letter while 
playing the game.

Helen    - god mode
Fishbake - no emeralds
Devmode  - Development mode

Ultimate mode in 2.0:
Submitted by: Jason

On the title screen type (not in console) ultimate and it should automatically show 
you the character select screen. Now you can play in ultimate mode, it has no rings,
no item boxes except for extra lives.
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