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Soldat Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54
Type one of the following codes during game play to activate the remote 
in the original, unpatched version of the game.

Effect          Code	
Urinate             /piss
Choose weapon back  /limbo
Suicide             /mercy

Type /smoke inside the game and your soldier will smoke a cigar and throw 
it away. Game can be found at 

Multiple guns:
When you start and when it is safe, switch to your SOCOM and drop it (default
is F). It will be replaced with "hands". Then, switch back to your primary 
weapon. Find and kill someone, then switch back to your hands. Then, walk 
around your opponent's corpse. Most all the time, you can pick up their weapon.
Sometimes the gun will fly quite a distance away from the corpse. If you can 
still see it, get it. You can now switch back and forth between weapons.

Exploding kamikaze:
When you have a fully reloaded LAW in your hand, type /mercy and shoot. 
Everyone near you will explode.

Bloody mode:
When you are in an battle, throw your weapon away, type /mercy and quickly press Q 
to change weapons. When you shoot, it will be with lots of blood.

Throw flag away:
When you have the flag you can throw it away by using jump and down at same time. 
The flag will fly away.

You should visit some climbing servers to learn about your soldier's physical 
abilities. Some tricks could help you move faster or evade projectiles.

Propelling yourself:
To move faster, grab the Spas 12 and shoot backwards. You can also use the XM214 
Minigun for this as it is much faster, but if you need to take out an enemy it 
might be a problem. 

Perfect weapon choice:
Just because, for example, Ruger 77 is your favourite weapon doesn't mean you 
should always use it. It depends on the enemy techniques and what weapons they 
are holding. The latter is the most significant. Below is a list of what weapons 
one should use against others which give you a huge advantage.

FN Minimi            - Barrett M82A1 
                       (totally messes up the sniper's accuracy)
HK MP5/Steyr AUG/M79 - AK 47/Ruger 77 
                       (only at close range: the inferior weapons are very bad)
Steyr AUG/Spas 12    - Chainsaw 
                       (use these weapons if someone is spawn killing with the chainsaw)
Autos                - Semi-autos
                       (in general and while moving)
Semi-autos           - Autos 
                       (in general and while camping)

Proning in the air:
When you encounter an enemy and you're in the air, prone, so that the enemy has a 
smaller target to aim at. This is best used against snipers and Ruger wielders.

Flying Punch Hits (or knife):
Submitted by: Krush206

When you choose hands or knife weapon you press the / (comand button) and write 
"mercy"and your hits of the hand or the your knife is flying on the enemy and you 
kill it of a brutally kill and the enemy corpse has been exploded and flying alots 
of blood and your head and elmo (if it is enemy have elmo) alway on the air.
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