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Soldier of Fortune 2 Gold Edition Cheats

Soldier of Fortune 2 - Gold Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Press ~ to display the console window. Type hash sv_cheats 1 
and press [Enter] to enable cheat mode. Enter one of the following 

Result                                 Code 
Toggle God mode                      - god  
Toggles no clipping mode             - noclip  
All weapons and ammo                 - give all  
Spawn indicated item or NPC          - give [item or NPC name]  
Armor                                - give armor 
Full ammunition for current weapons  - give ammo  
Health                               - give health  
Stamina                              - give stamina  
Unlimited power                      - pinkspider  
Disable enemy AI                     - notarget  
Never get tired                      - nofatigue  
List console commands                - cmdlist  
Display current map name             - mapname  
List maps                            - dir maps  
Advance to indicated map             - map, spdevmap or devmap [level name]  
Level select icon at main menu       - raven 1  
Change player's name                 - name [text]  
Toggle windowed and full screen; 
will restart game                    - toggle r_fullscreen 
Show current server settings         - serverinfo  
Reconnect to last server             - reconnect  
Suicide                              - kill 
Exit game                            - quit 

Note: Cheats may have to be re-activated after starting a new level.
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