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Social Empires Cheats

Social Empires

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy Quests:
When you've completed a lot of quests, you'll come to realize that they start 
to get harder and longer the more you progress. Well, I found a way to complete 
them quicker! I'll list them below:

1.Use some Draggies. (Fire, Lightning, Green, etc.) They can sometimes fly out
  of bounds of the map. If you're completing a quest that has their town hall 
  near a wall that doesn't have any towers, use your Draggies to fly over there
  and attack the Town Hall.

2.If you're completing a quest that has a bunch of strong towers, don't send a 
  large army over there to try to take them out. That will just result in most 
  of your units' death. Instead, use 20 Advanced Catapults to attack and destroy
  the strongest units and/or towers. Sometimes, you might even be able to send 
  your Advanced Catapults over to where the Town Hall is and have them take that
  down if it's within range!

3.Always check the range of the towers and/or units before sending Draggies out
  to take them down!!! The Fire, Lightning, and Green Draggies range is always 8.
  Most towers ranges are above that. Then once your Draggies go in for the attack,
  the towers with a longer range than you Draggies will easily kill them. If you 
  spot a tower with a range of 8 or above and you don't have any units that are 
  at least 1 range longer than the tower's range, send a large group of Advanced
  Catapults to take them down. There isn't a single tower or unit with a longer 
  range than the Advanced Catapults!

4.When you're sending out your Advanced Catapults for the kill, be sure to send 
  your strongest units right behind them. This way, if a group of enemy units 
  spot the attack and start chasing your Advanced Catapults, you can simply move
  them behind your strongest units and let your strongest units attack the enemy
  units. The Advanced Catapults have very low max health. A few hits from enemy 
  units and your catapults are destroyed, so be sure to keep them well guarded!

5.This is the final tip. You can send in a group of weak units that or units that
  you don't want and let them die in war. Call it a sacrifice! Use them as a 
  distraction or bait, and send in your strongest and best army to go straight 
  for the enemies' Town Hall!

Infinite Amount of Limited Buildings:
To make this demonstration easier to understand, I'll have Point A 
represent the position of the first move and Point B will represent
the position of the second move.

1. Click on the Treasure Mine and move it to any empty spot on your 
   empire. This will be Point A.
2. Now click the Treasure Mine again and move it to another empty space
   on your empire. (It cannot be the same place that you previously 
   moved it too.) This will be Point B.
3. Now have any unit move to Point A and while the unit is heading over 
   there, quickly replace the Treasure Mine back at Point A and then 
   quickly click the move button one last time, but this time DON'T 
   PLACE THE TREASURE MINE ANYWHERE!!! Instead, while your moving it, 
   wait for the unit to come to a COMPLETE STOP at Point A and click 
   the Build button.
4. Now build one more Treasure Mine anywhere on your empire EXCEPT 
   AT POINT A! While it's building, move your unit that is at Point A 
   anywhere on your empire except Point A. Try to keep the Treasure 
   Mine's size in mind so that when you go to move your unit from 
   Point A, he won't end up inside the first Treasure Mine. A Treasure
   Mine's size is the equivalent of 4 Towers. (One fits in every 
   corner.) Then once your new Treasure Mine has finished building, 
   refresh the page.

COMPLETE STEP 4! If it's still not there after refreshing the page, 
then move your unit positioned at Point A further from Point A and 
refresh the page again.

Finally, if all the steps have been successfully completed, you should 
have two (2) Treasure Mines one your empire! 

Infinite Free Rainbow Dragons:
1.Have your Rainbow Dragon teleport to any location, then as soon as it has teleported, 
click on the refuge to have it walk to it. You have to do this because if you just click
on the refuge, the Rainbow Dragon will teleport on top of it, and it will no actually 
enter the refuge. You need the Rainbow Dragon to actually enter the refuge.

2.Right when the Rainbow Dragon is going to enter the refuge, have it transform to any 
of the four different dragons it can transform into. This part is fairly difficult 
because it requires really precise timing to pull it off. You must have the Rainbow
Dragon transform approximately one second before it enters the refuge. If you do it 
to early or too late it will not work.

If done correctly, you will see the Rainbow Dragon walk into the refuge and 2 or 3 
seconds later you will see the dragon that you had it transform to spawn right in front
of the refuge and if you look in your refuge, you will see you original Rainbow Dragon 
in there. If you let the transformed dragon to return to its original state, it will 
return to a Rainbow Dragon. Now you will have two Rainbow Dragons!

Unfortunately, this glitch is not permanent. Your extra Rainbow Dragons are just 
temporary. They only last until you refresh the page, but you can still use them while
you have them! You can use them to aid you in quests, defeating other empires, in 
tournaments, or just simply conquer the daily trolls scattered around the empire.
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