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Smelly Mystery Cheats

Smelly Mystery

Clue locations: 
Submitted by: RM

Clue 1: Page 3 in the kitchen on the refrigerator (blurry hand-print)
Clue 2: Page 5 in the hallway under a table. (small red "pipe" that 
        will be orange juice, lemon soda or chocolate milk)
Clue 3: Page 6 at the grocery store (gum on the floor that will be mint, 
        pineapple or grape)
Clue 4: Page 7 at the fish market in a shark's mouth (comic book, a 
        skateboard or a baseball mitt)
Clue 5: At the flower shop in the cactus plant at the bottom left corner 
        (lime sherbet, cheese danish or tango fruit)
Clue 6: On the floor in the restaurant (different color and shaped tracks)
Clue 7: At the garbage dump in the tire next to Detective Kerplopus (video 
        game, baseball cards or a yo-yo)
Clue 8: Cleared photo of the blurry hand-print given to you by a flying 
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