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Sinara Cheats


Cheat Codes:
We could make a little trainer for this game, but DS
likes to be original, and no one has ever released 
trainer/locations before, so this is the first one ;) 
(also our last one) Use these data-locations to make
your own trainer, or just start adebugger.

: DB44h     = God-Mode
: DB4Ah     = Weapon1 -FireBalls
: DB4Ch     = Weapon2 -LaserBalls
: DB4Fh     = Weapon3 -GUN

Other (useless) Items are located between DB20h and DB80h

RELA. SEGMENTS:     CS/locations    : 2c74h
                    CS/int 09h      : 1743h
                    CS/int 21h hook : 0693h
                    CS/int 08h      : 1a74h
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