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Sim Earth Cheats

Sim Earth

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes during game play
to activate the Cheat function. Note: Place the pointer in the 
tool box before entering the fund and erad codes. The rand code
should be activated at the map window.

Result                            Code
Flat terrain                    - SMOOTH
Joke screen                     - JOKE
More money                      - fund
Plants and animals are extinct  - erad
Random altitudes                - rand

Click on the hand tool, then click on a nanotech age and move it. 
It will be a hurricane.

Robot lifeforms:
Explode an atomic bomb in a city in the Nanotech Age. The robots will
escape and live as separate life forms.

Modify ocean level:
Hold Option in the Edit window. Then select 'Raise/Lower' land tool. 
Additional options should appear allowing you to change the sea level.

Plants and animals are extinct:
Type 'erad' while the mouse pointer is in the toolbox.

Extra Effect In Gaia Window:
Type 'JOKE' in uppercase during the game.

Place an atomic bomb in a city of the Nanotech Age. The robots will 
escape and live as separate life forms.
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