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Sim City Classic Cheats

Sim City Classic

Hold [Shift] and type "fund". 
Enabling this code more than eight times in a row will result
in an earthquake. To avoid this, enter the code up to eight 
times while the game is paused to collect $80,000.
Then, save the game, exit, reload the game, and repeat the 
code as needed. It does not matter how many times the code 
is entered, the maximum amount that can be collected is 
$80,000. The game must be paused, saved, and reloaded each
time the code is entered.

Keeping citizens happy:
To keep the citizens happy with you as mayor, lower taxes to zero.
Just before the end of the fiscal year (December 31), pause game 
play and raise taxes to the maximum. Then lower them again in 
January. Taxes are not collected until the end of the year, so
they do not have to be raised to the maximum until that time.

Save money while deleting highways:
When you are deleting highways, just destroy one half of them. 
You will save 5 Simoleons for each square.
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