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Sift Heads 2 Cheats

Sift Heads 2

Cheat Codes:
Update by: anm.
Submitted by: RM

Enter one of the following cheats.

Result                   Code
Money                  - clikclak
All weapons            - terminator
Invincibility          - lukyluke
Aborted Flight level   - abor
Red Morning level      - redm
Hunter Storm level     - hunt
Shift And Sift level   - shif
Killed By A God level  - kill
Light City level       - ligh
Transaction level      - tran
Trap level             - trap
Let's Roll level       - lets
Last Run level         - last

Skip videos:
Press "0" during a video.

Stage 1 - Aborted flight: Kill the guy with the gray hair as he walks to the airplane.
Stage 2 - Red morning : kill the guy who is sitting and after that kill the guy who is 
          running across the screen.
Stage 3 - Bad time: shoot either the window on the left or where the woman is standing 
          and after that kill the guy who’s put is head up in the right window.
Stage 4 - Hunter storm: Kill the girl who is hidden (very well) in one of the dark.
          windows on the right side of your screen (the small windows).
Stage 5 - Shift and sift: Either complete the race or Press 0? to skip it, then shoot 
          the tires.
Stage 6 - Killed by a god: shoot the man who will pass in the lambo, comes from the top 
Stage 7 - Light city: shoot on the lower left corner of the billboard to.
          make the pannel go down and block the light, shoot the guy as before he enters
          the car.
Stage 8 - The transaction: shoot the weapons when they will put them out (no one should
          die) and after that shoot the sniper on the rooftop.
Stage 9 - The trap: shoot the light at the top of the room .and then shoot the gun/hand
          of the guy.
Stage 10 - Lets roll: shoot the man on the motorcycle with the desert eagle, aim for the 
           head, be quick.
Stage 11 - Last run: Follow the arrow keys.

Useful hints:
* You can zoom in by right clicking and pressing zoom in (useful on both stage 1 and 4).
* You can pause (kind of) the game by right clicking and unchecking play, shoot who you 
  need to, and then right click and select play (useful for stages 5 and 10).

Jumping level:
Submitted by: Sift Head 2 mysterious player

When you're on the bad time mission,choose m16 first(here some cheats:terminator)than shoot 
on the window and shoot the girl and you'll go to sift and shift mission.
Have fun there you does see this!

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