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Shopping Centre Tycoon Cheats

Shopping Centre Tycoon

Stop Criminals from Entering Mall:
Update by: Gagan Purohit
Submitted by: conner54

You will need to rename "crim_f.RWS" to "crim_f.bak" and "crim_m.RWS" to "crim_m.bak".

The "crim_f.RWS" file is located in 
Program Files\Deep Silver\Shopping Centre Tycoon\data\models\people\crim_f 

The "crim_m.RWS" file is located in 
'Program Files\Deep Silver\Shopping Centre Tycoon\data\models\people\crim_m

More Money
Open the folder scenarios located in: my computer/local disk 
c/program files/deep silver/shopping center tycoon/data 

When you open it turn all the files into notepads and open any one of those three
(berlin1-paris1-london1)but first choose in which city you are going to use a lot 
of money.
Note: you can rase the money in all three of them. 

When you opened one of the notepads look under the word , you will see the 
number 200000,that is the amount of money you use in the game. 
You can decrease this money or increase it.

Note: You can't raise the money more than 9999999,if you do,the game will tell you 
that you won all the scenarios in the city.
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