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Sherwood RPG Cheats

Sherwood RPG

Submitted by: David K  

Talk to Captain Morgan:
Go across the drawbridge into the castle when you first start, and click on 
Captain Morgan to talk to him. He will give you your first quest and help you 
get a cool new weapon.

Make Friends:
Sherwood RPG is an awesome game played solo, but is a lot more fun if you make 
some friends and gang up on the monsters. It's a lot easier to get through the 
game if you have someone watching your back! They can also teach you how to 
customize your character and show you the ropes.

Hint - Be level 100:
Submitted by: zahid

Type in where you talk to people: /make100. and "boom" your level 100.

Hint: Go to any level:
Submitted by: goeysolis

At castle type /lvl then advanced to that level and there ur in ur current level.

Hint Easy Money:
Submitted by: Someone

To make easy money, go to the dungeon and collect the treasures. Sell them to 
the merchant on the castle.

Submitted by: Zenton 

To Get 1000000000000000Gold and 10000000000potions or duplicate level all you 
have to do is type /potions1000000 or /Gp1000000000000000 and for a big lvl 
type /Lvl100 or any lvl you would like.

Submitted by: christopher

Have an archer weapon press "bs" at same time

Submitted by: fsdf

thats false the thing of the put on chat \Lvl100 \Lvl1000000.

Submitted by: Cazes

If you see the typing part to type to friends type /money10000 and get 1000 cash.

Submitted by: JEJE

Go to the dragon and talk to him he will lvl you up and make you lvl 1000 or start
dancing infront of him but if u dance he will kill u 1000 time to lvl 1000.

Submitted by: anthony 

Type /teleport1 on the chat and you will be teleported.

Amzing Helmet glitch!:
Submitted by: Johnathan

First get a player or any monster that can cast amulet spell,when you get cast by
the spell quickly change helmet than change back to your original helmet and it 
turn different color. If the player or monster cast [tailsman of ice]it will turn
blue,if you don like blue you may chose red, black and green.

Hint Easy money:
Submitted by: sherwoodmaster

Most of these cheat codes are false but if you want easy money go in the dungeon or
type in /teleport5 (if high enough level) kill if in teleport5 they drop items and
in the dungeon just open chest and get whats inside.

Submitted by: OSAMAKHAN

Ok so block your self for a long time while in battle and then attack your enemy and 
it will do a super effective attack.

How to kill very easy:
Submitted by: hint master

Ok first get to fight enemy next dont attack just block the enemy a whole bunch of 
times without getting hit then attack and if u blocked enough times it (could) kill
that enemy with that one hit!
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