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Shattered Steel Cheats

Shattered Steel

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Neville Rochat
Updated by: Andrew Jennings
shatteredsteelguy (at)

Press [Enter], type one of the following codes, then press
[Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Codes                Result
LOCKANDLOAD        - All weapons and Max ammo
IMOUTTAHERE        - Win the mission
CHERNOBYL          - Nuke area
RAGNAROK           - Blows player bot's head off
BLIPPLEBLOOPS      - Get rapid laser
RATSNEST           - Get medium laser
NUMBERCHANGER      - Get rolling mine
CGQ                - Get 8 pack large rocket
GFY                - Get 18 pack small rocket
BCUA               - Get 18 pack large rocket
DINGLEBERRY        - Heavy laser
KWAHAMOT           - Radar missile
BUMSAUCE           - Heacy rapid laser
EATMYSHORTS        - Mortar
TINKERBELL         - Nova
DOGAN              - 120 Howitzer
CURVEDLIVES        - 50mm Gatling
HARDCODE           - 30mm Gatling
STOOL              - Mine launcher
RODRIGO            - Spawns 2 light choppers
cleese             - New visual effects
monkeyslunch       - Change textures of every bot
storm              - Exit game
GONZLES            - makes bots fast
SMITE              - destroys target
CAPONE             - spawns 5 gnats to help you
HENCHMAN           - spawns a shiva to help you
FNORD              - gives you a 120 howitzer 
bigones            - gives you 70mm
fishheads          - gives you ir missles
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