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Shanghai Dynasty Cheats

Shanghai - Dynasty

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Use this cheat to see the beautiful graphics and vibrant 
animations packed into each game without having to solve 
every layout!! 

1. Create a file in the game's directory named "cheater" 
   (The file's contents do not matter).
2. Go into the product and start a new game of Shanghai or 
   Tournament or whatever (do NOT try this in a game of 
   Pandamonium or Dynasty, as this will cause bugs to occur).
3. Press Control-Y
4. Press the spacebar to remove a pair. Do not use the mouse 
   to point and click on tiles, as this will cause bugs to occur.

The way the cheat works is that the game creates a guaranteed 
winnable arrangement. Pressing spacebar follows the one known 
guaranteed path to winning. Removing any other tiles manually 
will throw everything off and may result in an odd number of 
tiles at the end.
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