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Shadowgrounds Survivor Cheats

Shadowgrounds Survivor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

While playing, press [F8] to bring up the console, then type any of
the following cheat codes. Use up and down arrow to cycle through 
previously used codes.

Set 1: With these codes, please include  "externInclude developer:" 
in front of the code. 

For example: externInclude developer:open_door to open a door

Code                  Result
main                 - Developer Scripting/Keys Enabled (*)
open_door            - Open Door Close to You
spawn_alienattack    - Alien Attack!
reloadstuff          - Ammo for All Weapons/Flashlight
givestuff            - All Weapons
warpforward          - Warp 300 Units Forward
warpmore             - Warp 3000 Units Forward
fullhealth           - Full Health
giveallkeys          - Get All Keys
loseallkeys          - Lose All Keys
openallremotedoors   - Open All Remote Doors
closeallremotedoors  - Close All Remote Doors
immortal             - God Mode
stuffed              - God Mode, Full Health, All Weapons, etc.

(*) The debug menu is a text menu, where you use F2 and F3 to select
which option you want. Then you use F4 to accept that option. There 
are sub-menus for some of the choices too. After an option is selected,
you can repeatedly hit F4 to re-run that cheat multiple times.

Set 2: These codes do NOT need anything entered before them.

Code                         Result
setMissionSuccessCounter 1 - Win Current Mission
setMissionFailureCounter 1 - Lose Current Mission
hideGUI                    - Hide GUI
showGUI                    - Show GUI
disableAllAI               - Disable All AI
enableAllAI                - Enable All AI
enableHostileAI            - Enemies Don't Move
disableHostileAI           - Enemies Move Again
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