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Seven Kingdoms Cheats

Seven Kingdoms

Cheat Codes:
Update by: DJ Simo

To enable the cheat mode press "!!!@@@###", 
then press any of the following keys: 

Key  Result
[  - +20 combat 
]  - +20 leadership, research, mining, manufacture, or prayer
C  - Add $1000 to your cash
\  - Add 1000 to your food reserves
T  - All technological advances and scrolls.
M  - Reveals map.
;  - Increase the population in the selected city. 
     The increased population will be a random nationality, 
     so be careful. 
=  - Increase prayer points in select Seat of Power.
B - Finish construction of selected building immediately. 
Z  - Toggle on/off fast build mode.
U  - King is immortal.

Reveal spies:
If you think someone is a spy, click on the person then click on the color
box in the left hand corner of his status. Keep clicking on the color box 
until part of it disappears or another color appears under it. If another 
color appears under his current color box, kill him.
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