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Settlers 1 Cheats

Settlers 1

Cheat Codes:
The way it works is that, when you tell a settler unit to do something
(build a road, mines or irrigation, for example), and you have at
least one other unit that still hasn't been moved (blinking), you can
go back to the settler unit, click on it to start it blinking again
(click on its icon in the box that comes up when you click on the
unit), and then press R, M, or I to start the settler working again.
Then you go back and click on the settler again and hit R, M or I
while it's blinking, and you keep doing that until the improvement is
built (you can tell it's done when, when you click the unit, the icon
in the box no longer has a letter on top of it). This works best when
you have the "end of turn" feature on, and of course you shouldn't
move other units until you're done with the settler. If you do this
right, you can get your settlers to build anything you want in just
one turn (normaly it takes 2 to 12 turns)!!

-- Hex codes: --

$30,000/debt All Tech Next Tech

Roman / Russian 23a 5f2 24a
Zulu / Babylonian 23c 5fc 24c
French / German 23e 606 24e
Aztec / Egyptian 240 610 250
American / Chinese 242 61a 252
Greek / English 244 624 254
Indian / Mongol 246 62e 256

** $30,000: **

1) type debug civil(x).sve (x= the saved game you wana edit) you'll get a
hyphen for a prompt...

2) type e ### ff 75
3) type w
4) type q

** All tech: **

1) same
2) type e ### ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff (10 sets)
3) type w
4) type q

-- Next Tech: --

1) same
2) type e ### 75 75
3) type w
4) type q

REMEMBER: the ### will only work if you use the one under the column
its in.. by the way, if you want it to work well, also make sure that
in the save game you're hexing, the one you hex for is you...unless
you're just up for a challenge... :)
negative cash flow of 30000 (only good on other civ's or someone
else's 'puter) 1) same 2) type e ### ff 85 (### is same as in the get
30000 one) 3) type w 4) type q

Level passwords:

Level	Password 	
1     START	
3     UNITY
4     WAVE
5     EXPORT
6     OPTION
7     RECORD
8     SCALE
9     SIGN
10    ACORN
12    GATE
13    ISLAND
14    LEGION
15    PIECE
16    RIVAL
17    SAVAGE
18    XAVER
19    BLADE
20    BEACON
22    OMNUS
25    CHUDE
27    CANYON
29    YOKI
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