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Settlers 2 Cheats

Settlers 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: eli

Go to folder "data\missions" and open with text editor the file for the
mission you  are going to start(level 1 is number 0000 and level 2 is 
number 0001...). look up for !ADD_WARE  15 and change the number after
it to 100. Copy that line and paste and paste and paste... every line 
will let you start the level with 100 more coins. 
Do the same thing to the line !ADD_PEOPLE  26 and you will get 100 gold
soliders for each line. Remember!!! do this changes just to the lines 
that are above the enemy start ware, or the enemy will have this coins
and soliders.

You can do this for all the ware and workers you have. Just find the line
or write new line. ex. !ADD_WARE  0  100,   

!ADD_PEPOLE  2   100.
sowrds and shileds=28-29

THUNDER will enable you to be able to build anything. When you have the code
on, you will see a exclamation mark in the top right corner:

ALT-1 up till ALT-6 - Change the speed settings of the game.
Press F7 and it will enable you to view the map.

For anyone who has added the patch to make it Version 1.51, the cheat is WINTER.

Additional HQs:
Enable cheat mode. Clock on any flat area suitable for a fortress that is not 
controlled by yourself or an opponent. An option to build a HQ will appear. 

Stop enemy building:
If an enemy starts building a large military building, such as a guardhouse or 
better, and will easily get rid of any buildings you are constructing by occupying
the building, then quickly build a barracks at the closest possible point (so that
it can be occupied before the enemy building). It may be worth destroying larger 
military buildings of yours so you can build the barracks. 
It should stop the enemy's advance. Then, destroy the barracks, and carry on as 

Catapults do not cause the enemy to attack you. Use this to your advantage by 
destroying as much of enemy land as possible without actually attacking, by 
building catapults. Note: Catapults use up stone supplies quickly.

Unlock All Levels:
Alter game files at your own risk and ALWAYS make backups! Open up the "mission.dat"
or mission.cfg file which you can find in the game directory with a text editor. 
Replace all the characters in the file with 1111111111. You can now select any level.

Speed and More:
While in the game, press 'thunder' and you will see a sphere with a '!' in it. Then
you can adjust the game speed from Alt+1 to Alt+6 (MAX). You can also display the 
entire map by pressing Alt+7.
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