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Septerra Core Legacy of the Creator Cheats

Septerra Core - Legacy of the Creator

Cheat Codes:
Press [F12], type imarealweenie, and press [F12] again to enable cheat mode. Then, press
[F12], enter one of the following codes, then press [F12] again to activate the corresponding
cheat function. 
Note: An alternate way to enable cheat code is to press [F12], type wtswwt-bgiob, press 
[Enter], type imarealweenie, and press [F12] again.

Effect                       Code	
All items                  - gimme
View enemy hit points      - enemies
View line of sight         - sight
View debug information     - spy
Disable enemy AI           - makethemstopmommie
Disable spoken text        - hidetext
View frame rate            - fps
Win fight w. points money  - [Ctrl] + [F3]
2,300 experience points    - [F2]
Grubb and Runner in party  - [F3]
View .BMP format map       - mapmaker

Money Hex Cheat:
Submitted by: Egon G. Freeman

In addition to my previous cheat (the Money Hex Cheat), I have also found where in 
the savegame the Party Experience is stored - it's located at byte 8A, and once 
again is a little-endian* signed** word***. Maximum value for this field seems to 
be 2147483647 (0x7FFFFFFF, or 0xFFFFFF7F in savegame [read the descriptions below]).

Also, sorry for the rather lengthy explanation, but since we're dealing with 
savegame editing (or hexadecimal editing in general), you all should know this.

ie. if you wish to have a value of 1234 in game, which is 4D2 in HEX, you have to 
write it in reverse - D204 (hex values are, for clarity, usually written in sets 
of two).

it means that the value can have a negative value. Here's an example: 1 byte unsigned 
can store values from 0 to 255 (0x00 - 0xFF), however if it is signed, it can store 
values from -128 to 128 (0x00 - 0xFF). 0 is always 0, but when signed, a value of 129 
(0x81) will result in -1 in game instead.

a bit can store two values: 0 and 1; a byte is 8 bits long and can store values from 
0x00 (0) to 0xFF (255). An integer (int) is 16 bits (2 bytes) long (for the most part) 
and stores values from 0x0000 (0) to 0xFFFF (65535). A word is 32 bits long (4 bytes) 
and stores values from 0x00000000 (0) to 0xFFFFFFFF (4294967295). Unless the values 
are 'signed' - read above.

The size of an 'integer' can vary between 8b, 16b, 32b and even 64b between platforms, 
but it is generally accepted that when one speaks of an 'int', the size referred to 
is 16-bit.

Unlimited money:
On Shell 5, go to the Ankaran Research Lab. Once inside the building, go northwest.
You will reach a room with some tables and what appears to be a dismantled missile.
Put your pointer over it and you will learn that there is an item that you can pick
up. It is a "Sturdy Heart". However, if you leave the building and return, it will 
be there again. You can repeat this process to get an unlimited amount of Sturdy 
Hearts, which you can sell at any store for an unlimited amount of money.

Max stats on every character:
If you get Maya to level 99, all of your characters will become level 99 with 999 for all 
their stats, 9999 HP, and 999 core. The only realistic way to do this is with the experience

Press F12 put WTFWWT-BGIOB and then enter F12 again and IMAREALWEENIE then press F12 and 
put 1 of these codes.

Effect                                          Code
Dedug Mode                                    - DEVELOPER
Have opened hand has cursor (u cant move :( ) - GHOST
Map Showing areas in Dedug mode               - PLAYER
Shows some desplay icons on screen            - VAMPYRE

Free Level Map:
To get a map of a level that you're currently in, just press [F12] and type MAPMAKER.
The map download takes a while, so be patient.
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