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Sega Bass Fishing Cheats

Sega Bass Fishing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Change lure color
Press [Up] or [Down] in original mode to choose a alternate lure color. 

Sonic Lure
Successfully complete all five professional tournaments in original mode.

Alternate clothes and boat color
Reach the final tournament in original mode for new clothes and boat color.

Secret practice levels
Successfully complete the game once in arcade mode. Three new levels will be
unlocked under practice mode. Successfully complete Lake Paradise in original 
mode to unlock the Palace level in practice mode. Successfully complete Lake 
Crystal in original mode to unlock the Falls level in practice mode. 

Keeping low line tension
When you have a large fish on your line, or a fish that has a lot of energy, 
tap [Reel] at a slow rate. While doing this, it gives the line just enough 
time to keep the line easy, and enough time to hold on to the fish without 
it snapping your line. This should work for any fish of any size, no matter 
what type of challenge. If the line gets very tense, release it and let it 
go into the yellow zone for about a second. Then, keep tapping it at a slow 

Knock armored head off in Palace level
Use the Deep Crank or Sonic bait and cast it to the left of the palace's front 
door. Reel it all the way in until it sinks to the point where it is directly 
behind that armored body's head. Keep reeling it in, and if your bait hits the 
back of the armored head, it will fall off.
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