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Sea Legends Cheats

Sea Legends

* If you scull within one cable of the target and hit her with at broadside of 
  cannon balls or bombs, this should  be sufficient to sink the vessel. Always 
  wait until the "guns aimed" sample is heard before firing.

* To escape, raise all your sells (if they are all 100% functional) and sailwith 
  the wind. Keep an eye on the "target select" panel (CTRL 3) in the 3D battle 
  view. Once your ship is 6.0 cables or more from the nearest pirate ship you 
  should be able to select ESC and quit the battlefield. If you feel like a fight,
  go to the a tactical map" (F8) and order your Brig to board the pirate hooker 
  Tornado while you take care of the pirate brig Armageddon.

* When attacking a fort you need to get approximately 1.0 cable away then hit It 
  with all your guns using a mix of cannonballs and bombs. Once the fort has been 
  battered, launch your boats [SHIFT L}] (launching Richard's boat Is [SHIFT B]) 
  and order them to "board" the fortification. When you got within 0.1 cables you
  will automatically be thrown into a fight with the defenders. If you have another
  ship you can also order it to "lower boats" and "board" the forts. This Is to 
  defeat any survivors that are lurking inside. Sometimes it is worth obtaining a 
  boat and using if as a decoy. As you approach, send the docoy fowards the fort 
  so as to draw away its fire. Then concentrate your fire and attack upon the enemy.
  Once the Boatswain has said, "you have captured this town", press the "ESC" key 
  which will allow you to enter it.
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