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Scrapland Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54
While playing, bring up the console with [CTRL] + [~].
Then type any of the following codes. 

Code                  Result
/god                - God Mode 
/freeze             - Freeze World (Except Player)
/unfreeze           - Unfreeze
/speed #            - Change Time Speed in World
/free               - No Clipping Mode
/stop               - Pause
/go                 - UnPause
/save               - Save Game
/reload             - Reload Game
/Scrap.SetMoney #   - Add # Money
/Scrap.SetSaveVar # - Add # of Lives

Avoiding cops:
If the cops are after you and you cannot lose them, go to Rusty's
scrap yard. When you land or park, the cop will give up looking 
for you.

Easy money:
Use the Great Database and change into the head banker. His powers
allow you to get money from more than one robot at once.

Easier Time Killing Enemies with Lives:
During story missions where you have to destroy an enemy with a 
certain amount of lives. Save after each time you kill them. If you
die, load. You will load with full health and they will be missing 
a life. This works well for fights with the gambler and etc.
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