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Scrabble Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Get the best words possible: 
When playing a game go to "guides" on the top taskbar and select "word lister".
It will tell you the best word to put down with the letters you have.

Best plays:
Keep pressing [F4] to get the best plays. If you keep doing this you can defeat
Perfect Maven.

Play letters for highest possible score: 
There are a few options that are available on the right hand side of the screen
during game play. Simply select the "Guides" option, then choose "Suggestions".
A box with a list of all the possible words you can play with your letters from
highest to lowest will appear. To play the word, simply double click on the word
of your choice on the list and it will be displayed on the game board. 
Then, click "Play". You will win almost all of the time under any difficulty 
setting against any number of players (including CPU opponents).
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