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Samurai Shodown 2 Cheats

Samurai Shodown 2

* Stick to defensive maneuvers if winning the game is your goal.
  The wise warrior allows his opponents to approach and reveal 
  their weaknesses before striking when they're most vulnerable. 

* Don't underestimate the power of slashes, kicks, and impaling 
  maneuvers. Though the temptation to strike with powerful chops is
  great, it can be more effective especially in later fights to wear
  your enemy down with multiple blows than to go for the quick kill.

* Effective against even the most wily of foes, jumping attacks make
  excellent combo openers, allowing you to inflict massive damage. 
  Be wary of their drawbacks, however; your samurai will be exposed 
  for a matter of moments as he soars through the air.

Play as Kuroko:
To play as Kuroko, the judge, do the following:

1.Start a two player game.
2.Move the selector in the following directions. 
  Up, down, left, up, down, right, then press a selection button.
3.You should appear as Kuroko.

Alternate colors:
Press [Hard Kick] or [Medium Kick] while selecting a character.
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