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Sam & Max Hit the Road Cheats

Sam & Max Hit the Road

Your aggressions have not been reduced in the game? Okay, then wait
for the credits. After they have ended you will get a little shooting
game with LucasArts characters ...

Saving Max in Gator Golf:
Replace the golf balls with the bucket of fish at Gator Golf when Max 
is in the booth . Then, use the golf clubs. Hit the fish near every 
alligator until the alligators are in a straight line. Sam will go over

Fmiliar characters:
After completing the game, you get to shoot out in the shooting booth. 
Some familiar shadows include the Tentacle from Day Of The Tentacle, 
Bugsy from Bugsy, and R2-D2 from Star Wars. 

Control credits:
Click on the words or characters during the ending credits to have Sam
or Max shoot them.
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