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Sacred Gold Edition Cheats

Sacred - Gold Edition

Note: Alter game files at your own risk and always make backups! Start the
game with the /cheats=1 command line parameter. Start a single player game
and press ~ (or the key above Tab) during a game to display the console 
window. Enter sys cheats 963 to enable cheat mode. Then, enter the following
codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Note: Enabling a code will force a rabbit costume on your character when 
exported. Thus, any character that appears online as a rabbit has used cheat

Effect               Code
Invincibility      - cheat lord
Headless character - cheat decap
Teleport           - cheat teleport or cheat tp
Commit suicide     - cheat suicide
Disable codes      - sys cheats 369

Better rewards:
This trick works in two scenarios. The first is when completing a quest
at the original quest giver or at the end of an event where you talk to
someone with an "!" above their head. Quick Save before you talk to that
person then see what reward is given, Quick Load if it is not to your 
liking. It appears as if some will have a better drop table while others 
will give gold most of the time, with a rune or item dropped at a rare 
rate. This works for nearly all quest ending conversations as there are 
a few that give a set item(s). The second scenario is when defeating a 
rare monster, identified in gold lettering. Quick Save just before the 
coup de grace and if you do not like what it has, then Quick Load and 
repeat. The rarer and tougher the monster, the better loot table. 

Submitted by: RM

When you reach the forest where you encounter Frost Elves, only use fire 
magic, weapons, or ranged attacks. They are strong in close combat. When 
you reach the part where you are supposed to slay three mages, one of 
them is on the other side of the river, guarded by six or seven close 
combat elves and two or three archers.
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