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Rules of Engagement 2 Cheats

Rules of Engagement 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Hidden Enemy Graphics:
* The ALIEN BUILDER screen contains the parts to build the LOST IN SPACE
ROBOT, as well as heads for various cartoon characters. Entering the name
MARVIN MARTIANS and ROBBY ROBOTS will, if these enemies appear in the game,
cause custom graphics to appear in place of the ones the user has defined.

Furthermore, what an alien is named will cause the program to display 
other graphics than those the user constructs. These special graphics will
not appear on the alien builder itself, but only once a mission using that
alien is played. The game's builder manual documents three such "pre-made 
forms," but there are others. To get these images to show up, create a new
alien and give it one of the following names. The names must be typed 
precisely as listed. The alien faction must then be saved and then loaded
into a mission within a campaign. When you play the appropriate mission, 
the image will show up on the COMRCV panel when the aliens transmit a
message to you, and may also appear on the DATDKT panel.

 CONRAD NEAL      - Programmer Thomas R. Carbone's dog
 GORT             - Robot from The Day the Earth Stood Still
 METALUNAN MUTANT - Monster from This Island Earth
 OVERLORD         - Aliens from Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End
 ROBBY ROBOTS     - The robot from the film Forbidden Planet
 UDP MARAUDER     - Enemy soliders
 UNITED PLANETS   - Crew from the film Forbidden Planet
 XIREA            - A secretive race from Universe games

Hidden TV Robots:
* On the FW SHIP BUILDER screen, after 2 to 10 minutes, or pressing the
[F10] key, the screen freezes momentarily and either the Star Trek NOMAD
probe or the LOST IN SPACE ROBOT to cross the corridor in the background.
Also visible on this screen is a HAL 9000 computer.
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