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Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Cheats

Rome Total War - Barbarian Invasion

Cheat Codes:
Update by:dannyel
Submitted by: conner54

While playing, press [~] (tilde) to bring down the console, 
then type any of the following codes: 

Code                                        Result
bestbuy                                   - Units are 10% cheaper.
jericho                                   - Walls will crumble.
add_money #                               - Add money. # = amount.
add_population Y X                        - Adds population, where Y is the 
                                            settlement name and X is the amount.
auto_win [attacker/defender]              - Attacker or defender automatically 
                                            wins the next auto resolved battle.
give_trait characternname traitname level - gives the character the trait at the
                                            chosen level.
process_cq settlement                     - Finished the building queue in the 
list_traits                               - Lists all traits.
move_character Z X,Y                      - Moves character to location, where
                                            Z is character name and X Y are 
force_diplomacy accept/decline/off        - Forces opponent to accept diplomatic
invulnerable_general charactername        - General is invulnerable in combat.
date year                                 - Changes date.
kill_character charactername              - Kills selected character.
season summer/winter                      - changes season.
capture_settlement settlementname         - Captures settlement.

Easy wins in campaign:
First: Be Saxons because its the only faction i tested with. Ok get half sea
raiders and half saxon keels charge in with raiders and kill the remains with
your keels its very simple (if it doesnt work try better units like chosen 
axes and wahteve is afer raiders in unit list.) Modify money , soldier's 
weaponry and more Granted by VasilisVlaseros

Firstly, note that this is not a cheat but a system files change. Go to 
program files/Activision/BI/Data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign. 
There you should find a text file called "descr_strat.txt". I would advise
you to copy it to a safe place before proceding. After you have a back up 
file of it, Open this file (the prototype one, not the back up one!). 
There you should see some factions categorised in playable, unlockable and
unplayable. If you want to play with one of these factions, cut it and paste
it under "Playable" and it should be allright. Remember when you do this, 
try to make the files look "as was" sp that there are no spaces. That could
lead to a crash to your program. 

If you want to change a faction's money or troops exp wpns and armor, in 
"descr_strat.txt", you can find all the faction's info and change it . For
example, after the list of the playable unlockable and unplayable factions,
follows a big list of resources. After this list, there is a faction( i 
dont remember which one). Select the money of the faction, erase them 
completely (only the numbers) and type 9999999999 . That should bring you
unlimited money. Watch it, if you type more than 10 numbers, denary may 
go, minus.

If your underattack say by the huns (happened to be so many times) and they
broguht the whole family, heres what I do, I go Helmsdeep on them, meaning,
screw defense I attack them head on and take out the leaders, even if I lose
the town, I would lose anyway if I stay back, but if I go out like this, at 
least you take out a family member, hope this helps.

Battle tip:
First, select your whole army and click ONCE on the enemy units. This will
start marching the towards them. Eventually, your Artillery will start firing.
Then, your archers will start firing, at that point, feel free to make any one
you wish to charge attack. It basically wears down and intimidates any enemy 
units before the battle even starts.

Family member traits:
When in game press the ~ key, and enter the codes (replacing the words 
character name with your character's name) to give/remove the character
 trait in the right column.

Code: give_trait "Character Name" 
NOTE: use quotation marks
NOTE: space between last " and number is optional

Example: give_trait "Character Name" "Berserker"3 

Code                  Effect	
"Sobrity"2            Abstemious	
"PhilosophySkill"3    Abstruse Philosopher	
"Aesthetic"3          Aestetic	
"RabbleRouser"1       Agitator	
"ArchitectSkill"2     Architect	
"Austere"3            Austere	
"Berserker"1          Axebitten	
"Berserker"3          Berserker	
"Energetic"4          Blessed With Vitality	
"Brave"2              Brave	
"GoodAdministrator"1  Bureaucrat	
"Girls"1              Casual Adulterer	
"GoodAttacker"1       Confident Attacker	
"GoodCommander"1      Confident Commander	
"GoodDefender"1       Confident in Defence	
"Aesthetic"2          Connoisser	
"VistorRomanVirtue"3  Conqueror	
"VistorOthersVirtue"3 Conqueroring Hero	
"Rabblerouser"4       Demagogue	
"PublicFaith"1        Devout	
"Xenophobia"1         Distrusts Outsiders	
"ArchitectSkill"1     Draughtsman	
"Disciplinarian"2     Drillmaster	
"Energetic"3          Energetic	
"PoeticSkill"3        Epic Poet	
"GoodAmbusher"3       Exceptional Ambusher	
"InspiringSpeaker"2   Famous Orator	
"VistorOthersVirtue"2 Famous Vistor	
"Brave"3              Famously Courageous	
"RhetoricSkill"1      Fluent Speaker	
"PoeticSkill"1        Fond of Ribald Rymes	
"Feck"2               Foul Mouthed	
"GoodSiegeAttacker"1  Gate Breaker	
"GoodSiegeAttacker"1  Gate Keeper	
"GoodAmbusher"1       Good Ambusher	
"GoodAttacker"2       Good Attacker	
"GoodCommander"2      Good Commander	
"GoodDefender"2       Good Defender	
"Epicurean"1          Gourmet of Life	
"ArchitectSkill"3     Great Architect	
"GoodAttacker"4       Great Attacker	
"GoodCommander"4      Great Commander	
"GoodDefender"4       Great Defender	
"InspiringSpeaker"3   Great Orator	
"VistorRomanVirtue"2  Great Vanquisher	
"Xenophobia"2         Hates Strangers	
"GoodAttacker"5       Heroic Attacker	
"GoodDefender"5       Heroic Defender	
"PublicFaith"3        Honors the Gods	
"Brave"5              Insanely Brave	
"GoodSiegeAttacker"3  Into the Breach	
"Feck"4               Irredeemably Foul Mouthed	
"GoodSiegeAttacker"4  Legendary City Defender	
"GoodCommander"5      Legendary Commander	
"GoodSiegeAttacker"4  Legendary Siege Expert	
"Warlord"4            Legendary Warlord	
"Energetic"1          Lively	
"Xenophobia"3         Loathes Foreigners	
"LogisticalSkill"2    Logistical Expert	
"LogisticalSkill"3    Logistician	
"Aesthetic"1          Lover of Beauty	
"Disciplinarian"3     Martinet	
"Warlord"2            Mighty War Chief	
"GoodSiegeAttacker"3  None Shall Pass	
"Disciplinarian"1     Obessional Trainer	
"InspiringSpeaker"1   Outstanding Speaker	
"PhilosophySkill"1    Philisophically inclined	
"PhilosophySkill"2    Philosopher	
"PoeticSkill"2        Poet	
"PoliticsSkill"1      Political Animal	
"PoliticsSkill"2      Politician	
"Rabblerouser"3       Rabblerouser	
"Epurean"3            Rarified Tastes	
"Epicurean"2          Refined Tastes	
"PublicFaith"2        Religious	
"BadAdministrator"-2  Remove Administraively Inept	
"Arse"-3              Remove Aggressively Perverse	
"ApicianRomanVice"-3  Remove Apician Glutton	
"PublicAtheism"-2     Remove Atheist	
"Girls"-2             Remove Blatant Adulterer	
"BoringSpeaker"-3     Remove Boring Beyond Belief	
"BoringSpeaker"-4     Remove Boring Little Tit	
"BoringSpeaker"-2     Remove Boring Speaker	
"Arse"-2              Remove Catamite	
"Stoic"-2             Remove Cold Manner	
"BadSiegeDefender"-1  Remove Cowers Behind Walls	
"Coward"-3            Remove Craven Coward	
"PublicAtheism"-3     Remove Despises the Gods	
"BadSiegeAttacker"-1  Remove Dislikes Attacking Walls	
"Coward"-1            Remove Doubtful Courage	
"Drink"-3             Remove Drunkard	
"Drink"-4             Remove Drunken Lout	
"PublicAtheism"-1     Remove Faithless	
"Xenophilia"-3        Remove Fascinated by Outsiders	
"Gambling"-2          Remove Gambler	
"ApicianRomanVice"-2  Remove Glutton	
"ApicianRomanVice"-1  Remove Gourmand	
"Arse"-4              Remove Grotesquely Perverse	
"PublicAtheism"-4     Remove Hates the Gods	
"Ignorance"-1         Remove Ignorant	
"BadAttacker"-2       Remove Incompetent Attacker	
"BadCommander"-2      Remove Incompetent Commander	
"BadDefender"-2       Remove Incompetent Defender	
"BadAttacker"-1       Remove Indifferent Attacker	
"BadCommander"-1      Remove Indifferent Commander	
"BadDefender"-1       Remove Indifferent Defender	
"Slothful"-3          Remove Indolent	
"Slothful"-4          Remove Indolent Lardy Arse	
"Gambling"-3          Remove Inveterate Gambler	
"BadAdministrator"-1  Remove Jobsworth	
"BadDisciplinarian"-3 Remove Kills With Kindness	
"Slothful"-2          Remove Lazy	
"BadSiegeDefender"-3  Remove Liability in Defense	
"Drink"-2             Remove Likes a Drink	
"Gambling"-1          Remove likes a flutter	
"Xenophilia"-2        Remove Likes Strangers	
"Arse"-1              Remove Minion	
"Coward"-2            Remove Morbidly Fearful	
"Drink"-6             Remove Paralytic	
"BadAmbusher"-3       Remove Pathetic Ambusher	
"BadAttacker"-4       Remove Pathetic Attacker	
"BadSiegeAttacker"-3  Remove Pathetic Besieger	
"BadCommander"-4      Remove Pathetic Commander	
"BadDefender"-4       Remove Pathetic Defender	
"BadSiegeDefender"-2  Remove Pathetic Defender of Cities
"Ignorance"-2         Remove Pig Ignorant	
"BadAmbusher"-1       Remove Poor Ambusher	
"BadAttacker"-3       Remove Poor Attacker	
"BadCommander" -3     Remove Poor Commander	
"BadDefender"-3       Remove Poor Defender	
"BadDisciplinarian"-1 Remove Poor Disciplinarian
"Slothful"-1          Remove Rather Lazy
"Stoic"-1             Remove Restrained
"BadAmbusher"-2       Remove Rotten Ambusher
"Coward"-4            Remove Ruled be Fear
"Gambling"-4          Remove Ruled by luck
"Girls"-5             Remove Sexual Predator
"Drink"-5             Remove Sot
"Stoic"-3             Remove Stoic
"BadAdministrator"-3  Remove Stunningly Incompetent
"BoringSpeaker"-1     Remove Tedious Speaker
"BadDisciplinarian"-2 Remove Too Considerate	
"BadSiegeAttacker"-2  Remove Useless Besieger	
"Xenophilia"-1        Remove Welcoming to Foreigners
"Ignorance"-3         Remove Willfully Ignorant
"Girls"-3             Remove Womaniser
"Girls"-4             Remove Won't Take No for an Answer
"RhetoricSkill"3      Rhetorical Export	
"IanR"1               Self publicised	
"Berserker"2          Sheildbiter	
"GoodAdministrator"2  Skilled Bureaucrat	
"RhetoricSkill"2      Skilled Debator	
"GoodAmbusher"2       Sneaky Ambusher	
"Sobrity"1            Sober	
"Drink"1              Social Drinker	
"Austere"2            Spartan	
"StrategicSkill"2     Stategic Expert	
"StrategicSkill"3     Stategist	
"Austere"1            Stern	
"GoodSiegeAttacker"2  Strong as Stone	
"Feck"1               Strong Language	
"GoodAdministrator"3  Superb Administrator	
"GoodAttacker"3       Superior Attacker	
"GoodCommander"3      Superior Commander	
"GoodDefender"3       Superior Defender	
"Feck"3               Swears Like a Trooper	
"MathematicsSkill"1   Tactical Expert	
"TacticalSkill"2      Tactician	
"MathematicsSkill"2   Tactician	
"Sobrity"3            Teetotal	
"Rabblerouser"2       Tub-Thumper	
"LogisticalSkill"1    Understanding of Logistics
"MathematicsSkill"3   Understanding of Mathematics
"StrategicSkill"1     Understanding of Strategy
"TacticalSkill"1      Understanding of Tactics	
"TacticalSkill"3      Understanding of Tatics	
"Brave"1              Untouched by Fear	
"Brave"4              Utterly Fearless	
"VistorRomanVirtue"1  Vanquisher	
"PublicFaith"4        Venerates the Gods	
"Energetic"2          Very Lively	
"VistorOthersVirtue"1 Vistor	
"GoodSiegeAttacker"2  Wall Breaker	
"Warlord"1            War Chief	
"Warlord"3            Warlord

Master Assassin and Spy:
Submitted by: Bruno Giovannini

You can get a Great Killer by entering this code. It increases his level.
Code: give_trait (characterName) "GoodAssassin"5

You can get a Great Spy by entering this code. It increases his level.
give_trait (characterName) "GoodSpy"5
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