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Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4 Cheats

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4

* Only use the Charge command when your supplies are low and you need 
  to make a change of venue quickly.
  Charging results in numerous casualties with little payoff, but if 
  you're desperate, it may be worth it.

* When a ruler proposes to make an alliance and offers you gold or 
  goods, you cannot negotiate the price. If you turn down an offer, 
  your intended ally makes no counter offer. Instead, the entire deal 
  is off.

* Try not to let your gold reserves drop much below 100 in the farm, 
  economy, dam, or technology stores. 
  Note: if you only have 25 gold pieces left for a city's resources and 
  you choose to add 75 gold pieces, you do NOT end up with 100 gold 
  pieces only the 75 you just contributed.

* Do not attack leaders who possess two or more cities until there is 
  no one else left with whom to wage war. If you only possess one or 
  two cities and you attempt to attack someone who holds three or more
  cities, your efforts prove futile because the person you are attacking
  can always call in reinforcements.
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