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Robin Hood Conquests of the Longbow Cheats

Robin Hood - Conquests of the Longbow

Easter Egg:
If you open the control panel and hit the Sierra button, the game will
give you the credits, then inform you that "no guys from Andromeda" 
partook in the creation of the game, as a reference to Space Quest.

Unlimited Gold:
Enter the statistics screen for the first character and pool the gold 
from the entire party to this individual. Remove this character from 
the party, then load him again. Pool all of the gold to the next 
character in the party. Repeat this procedure for all party members, 
then turn off the computer without saving the game. When the game is 
reloaded, every character will have an amount of gold equal to that 
previously pooled by the entire party.

While wearing the jeweler's disguise, head to the Cobbler's in town. 
Wait around there for a minute or two, and a fly will appear on the 
screen. Click the hand on it for a funny message.

Bypass Fair Shooting Contest and Final Sequence:
Having trouble with the archery contest during the fair and the final 
dodging sequence? Simply set the arcade level at bare minimum in the 
control panel to bypass both events.
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