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Road Fighter Cheats

Road Fighter

Submitted by: conner54

General Tips: 
When you collide with a car, always steer out of 
the skid to regain control.

Road Fighter follows in the great Konami tradition 
of having many visual bonuses for the player. All of 
these are time triggered (the faster you go the more 
bonuses you get). These include a Jet, Super (Konami) 
Man, Trains, and the Konami Mole, all of which award 
3000 points.

Fuel Car Bonuses: 
The rainbow fuel cars award the following bonuses as 
long as the player does not crash:

1st Car: 300 pts
2nd Car: 500 pts
3rd Car: 1000 pts
4th Car: 2000 pts
5th Car: 3000 pts
6th Car: 4000 pts
7th Car: 5000 pts
8 or more: 10000 pts

Fuel Car Lanes: 
Four fuel cars appear per stage, provided the player 
does not crash around the point where the car should 
appear. The cars always appear in the same lane 
configuration as follows, where the leftmost lane is 1.

Stage 1: 1,2,4,3
Stage 2: 1,2,1,2
Stage 3: 2,4,3,2
Stage 4: 3,1,2,1
Stage 5: 1,2,1,1(2) Car changes lane if you take your time.
Stage 6: 4,1,2,2

Rank Bonus: 
The bonus system awards points at the end of each stage 
dependent on your current rank. To get maximum points 
(10000) you must achieve or better the following positions:

Stage 1: 32
Stage 2: 25
Stage 3: 19
Stage 4: 11
Stage 5: 6
Stage 6: 1
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