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Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 2 Cheats

Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 2

Cheat Codes:
Update by Dj Simo
Press [F2] to display the command console at the hunt screen. Enter one of
the following codes then press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat
function, then press [F2] again to close the console window.

Code           Result 
-rmshow      - Show all animals on the map and GPS 
-rmshot      - Bring you close to nearest animal 
-rmlight     - Makes you very fast 
-rmgoodstuff - Makes you irrestible to animals 
-rmsharpshot - Sights in your gun 
-rmblizzard  - Cycle through weather 
-rminvisible - Animals ignore you
-rmnoah      - Increase number of animals in area
-rmrain      - Rain 
-rmsnow      - Snow
-rmurine     - Attract animals to your position
-rmthunder   - Create thunder
-rmlightning - Create lightning
-rmsnow      - Makes it start snowing

Run through target practice:
Enable the -rmlight code. You can run through the fence and get 100 percent accuracy.

Walk in the tree stand:
Make sure you have a scope finder (on the item list, and not the one on the gun) and
a tree stand. Get in the tree stand, press [Left Shift], and look through your scope
finder for a few seconds. Put down the scope and the message "Your Movement Is 
Restricted And No Animal In Sight" should appear. If you look up and walk, you will
grow taller. Look down to get smaller. You can also go forward, back, and sideways 
with the cursor keys.
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