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Ristar Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

Entire Code List for Ristar.

Effect                                              Password
A shooting star goes across the background(JP)      - STAR
Boss Rush mode                                      - MUSEUM
Clears/Deactivates the current password             - XXXXXX
Copyright info is displayed                         - AGES
Hidden items grab points are shown with a blue star - MIEMIE
ILOVEU,MIEMIE,CANDY,active all at once (JP)         - FEEL
Invincibility (JP)                                  - CANDY
Mentions Miyake colour(JP)                          - MACCHA
Mentions next game (JP)                             - MASTER
No Continue limit (JP)                              - AAAAAA
Onchi Music mode and credit's music in sound test   - MAGURO
Reverses the High Score in Demo Mode(JP)            - HETAP
Shows the Solar System(JP)                          - VALDI
Stage select                                        - ILOVEU
Super Difficulty Mode                               - SUPERB
Super Hard mode                                     - SUPER
Time Attack mode                                    - DOFEEL
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