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Risk Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Heres a way in casual to get the lowest time: finish the level at your 
leisure and hit menu, then restart after the "level complete" sign comes
up. The level will restart at 0:00 time. Hit continue when you reach 
your desired time. Also, you can still build houses, etc while this is 
going on, but... the level complete screen wont go away until you hit 
continue, & you cant move it, so you can only build around it. 
Note: this may invalidate your score on all time & local scores.

Hint 1:
Always leave at least two battalions in each territory to 
prevent native uprisings after random cataclysmic events.

Hint 2:
When using tactical cards, choose an assault that suits the 
terrain. For example, use the "ambush" tactic when rushing 
into wooded lands.

Hint 3:
Always maintain a strong front! Don't leave any holes with 
just a couple of battalions. The AI or a human opponent will 
always exploit that chink in your armor.

Hint 4:
Don't feel you are being cowardly for choosing the withdrawal 
tactic. A well-orchestrated retreat will let you run away to 
fight another day.
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