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Rise of Atlantis Cheats

Rise of Atlantis

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Conserve Powerups:
It's tempting to use your powerups as soon as you get them, but try to hold on 
to them until you're really in a tight spot - just one last relic piece you need
to clear and time is running out, for example.

Maximize Your Points:
The level is over when you have cleared the last relic piece from the board - 
but that doesn't mean you have to rush! Take your time in the early levels and
maximize your score as much as possible before clearing the board.

Savegame file is located in the directory: 
..All Users\Application Data\TERMINAL Studio\The Rise of Atlantis\GameInfo.xml
Plain text to change number of bonuses, number of life etc...

Pass all level cheat:
Submitted by: Paul C.Lalchungnunga

1.Start the game once. 
2.Exit the game.
3.Go to "Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\TERMINAL Studio@\
  The Rise of Atlantis."
4.You will find the file "GameInfo.xml". 
  Open the file, right-click and go to "View Scource"
5.Edit these values: (a) Lives=1000 or more (b) Bonus number="0"; Count=1000 (c) 
  Bonus number="1"; Count=1000 (d) Bonus number="2"; 
  Count=1000 (e) Bonus number="3"; Count=1000.
6.Save the file and start the game. 
  You can now pass all the Levels of the Game with ease.
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