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Rings of Zilfin Cheats

Rings of Zilfin

To  defeat K-Plants and other tough monsters, especially early
in the game, use one purlet and one parzin for each creature. 
When possible, do so prior to entering the location. After 
visiting the Castle and a Witch in a Realm, buy a better sword. 
To develop Strength, use prihny powder at the Witch's hut and 
drink until you attain the current maximum level. By visiting 
each Wizard you will learn more magic spells. Carry at least 
ten bows and five hundred arrows when crossing into another 
Realm. Locations of some healing pools are pointed out to 
assist in the early stages.

Hints Castle Graz:
Locate Lord Dragos - on the Fourth Floor - and drink elixir. Say
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