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Riddle of the Sphinx Cheats

Riddle of the Sphinx

Game Tip:
Submitted by: Krissy Hix

To get the key, get a match and light it.  Take light match over to the stove
and light the one that has a pot on it. Than look in pot, and you get a key.

Submitted by: Pete

1. Put gas in the generater and push green button.
2. As your going down the shaft look up, the down shaft dead ends in the pyramid.
   There is a hidden note in the grate to your right at the split.
3. Go up into the empty crypt room goto R/H corner behind crypt you will find a
   stone to push use the bullseye scan mode to find it. Nothing in the room worth
   having as far as I know.
4. The code for the Cheotronic device is 1551
5. The combination is R-12,L-5, R-20 You'll find the lock package in the L/H corner
   of the tent with dial instructions. watch for the letter appearing on the hand 
   T=tumble, R=right, L=left Duh.
6. There are 5 tapes to gather.
7. I dunno where the key is for the desk drawers.
8. After you put the cheotronic in the shaft to the left of the control unit it'll
   take a while for it to get to the end. Thats when ya put in the code. It will
   open a shaft to your left. Walk in look down to your right at  the floor theres
   a nother shaft. Take it you'll find some stuff ya need in there. 
7. Go back into the main shaft follow it. There will be a room with a statue in it, 
   when you turn around there are chains on each side of the door look on the right
   and you will see a switch that needs the paddle put in it. work the door up and 
   down a couple of times. Then close it and jump through it. You'll find a room 
   with a cobra wheel in it down the way. After you get the cobra whel look to your
   left and see a map up high. Draw it out so you can use it in the spinin chamber.
8. When ya get to the Yacht chamber goto the center between the double stairs you'll
   see an alligater carving with the stones missing here and there/ Make a note of 
   which ones are missing. Turn a 189 degrees and follow the wall to the alligator 
   statue and figure out what the sequence is to open the gator door cause I haven't
9. In the harp chamber you will find a column with a snake around it you will find 5
   harp women statues. make a note of which string keys they are missing.
10.Also in the yacht chamber there are six columns that need a color pattern what 
   that is I dunno yet.
11.If you find a skelliton on the floor look closly he has a scroll, there is another
   in the chest in Gil's tent.

Thats about it, If ya find more stuff let me know at good luck

Robot password:
The following is the code for the "Cheoptrac" robot that you send down the shaft to
open the doorway to the next room. When the game asks for the verification password,
click on the buttons in this order:

First: 1 
Second: 5 
Third: 5 
Fourth: 1

Preview puzzles:
Use Windows Explorer to access and view the FMV sequences on the game disc before 
playing. They provide the answers to the puzzles.
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