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RFactor Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Select either of the two race car classes the main menu. Then, select
"Control" and start a test run on any track. At the debriefing menu, 
enter "ISI_BABYFACTORY" as a case-sensitive code in the dialog box to
the bottom left of the menu. Select "Send" then exit the race. 

You will now have most cars for the current class unlocked with extra 

Unlimited money or experience:
Use a text editor to edit the "SRGrandPrix05.cch" file in the 
"\UserData\[profile name]" directory in the game folder. Scroll down 
to the "[CAREER]" heading and edit the values of the "Experience=" and
"Money=" lines as desired.

Get experience:
Here's it:

1.CLOSE RFACTOR (This is important).
2.Go to the folder with your rFactor name in it, that is inside the 
  UserData folder on your rFactor directory.
3.Open the ANY_DEV_ONLY.cch file using a text editor.
  (Windows Notepad for example)
4.In the top of it you'll find "Experience" and "Money". Change these
  parameters to a higher value.
5.Save the file with the same name and run the game normally.
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