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Revenge of Arcade Cheats

Revenge of Arcade

In Ms. Pac-Man and Rally-X, the secret lies in tricking your enemies 
into pursuing you without catching you. And, as enemy logic dictates 
that an enemy must head for your current location instead of your 
intended direction, it's not a hard thing to do. Fake them out and
evade them long enough, and they will invariably move closer together
-a great time to devour a Ms. Pac-Man energizer or let a Rally-X smoke
screen fly.

The opposite is true in Motos, in which you want to undermine your 
opponents' strength-in-numbers routine by getting rid of the less 
powerful enemies first. And remember: it doesn't hurt to push obstacles
together as a backstop for your own vehicle.

Xevious is a crazed affair demanding that you memorize and repeat patterns.
Do the mental preparation, and don't forget to keep your fingers planted 
on both weapons at all times.

Mappy enemies have a tendency to pack together as each round progresses.
Use this to your advantage. Close doors as well as open them, and you're
off to a good start.

Xevious: Auto-fire:
Start playing Xevious and hold down the fire buttons (Z + X). While holding 
them, press [F1] twice and the help options will appear. Release the fire 
buttons and close the help options. Your ship will remain firing without 
holding the fire buttons.
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