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Rescreatu Cheats


Flash Game Hints - Mystery box walkthrough:
The easiest way to almost guarentee a prize in the mystery box game
is to pick one box and click that box on all 8 of your daily turns.
After trying this i got at least ten thousand TU. 

Easter Egg - more TU:
A trick to get more TU is if you manage to find somthing of some value
such as a job token you should donate it to the dump in relcore you can
get at least 500 TU, then if you use your one withdrawal to take it back
out again you can donate it again to get the same money all over again.

Easy tu:
Submitted by: NIa

An easy way to get tu is by the toy quest. You can sometimes get up to 
100K everyday by playing this game. Also visit the enchanted springs, 
that also sometimes gives you 100K. A way to make millions is by buying
credits wich supports the site and keeps it running. Buy something from
the credit shop (Say kioka eggs, Omni eggs or Liyure eggs, they sell 
best) then sell the items to other users, you can get millions from 
those items, it's a great way of making to and supporting the site.
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