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Relentless Twinsens Adventure Cheats

Relentless - Twinsen's Adventure

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Enigma Question 

Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Right Shift] + [F12] to view your coordinates.

Cheat Codes: 
At activate a cheat, enter its corresponding code below.

Cheat                             Codes
Refill health and jetpack power - BIG

Easy money:
On the island where you start the game, you can go into shops and take money
from the boxes on the desks. From the pharmacy (where you get the red syrup),
you can repeatedly get 10 Kashes by using the box on the desk, leaving, going
back in, and using the box again . You can do this with the basement in the 
tavern and (if you are prepared to get hurt) the library, where you will get
25 Kashes each time. However, you will have to fight the guard. 

Easy money:
Wait outside the tavern on the island where you start and wait for a Rabbibunny
to come outside. He should walk over to the plant pot to the right of the door 
and dig at the ground for a moment. Stand right next to him while he is digging
and three Kashes will pop out of the plant. Pick them up and walk around the 
plant as if you were going to go inside the tavern. Another three Kashes will
appear again. Wait for the Rabbibunny to go inside and come out again, then 
you should be able to repeat this trick.

Hidden tunnel:
In the temple of Bu on White leaf Island, go under the first lift (near the 
two guards). There should be a tunnel that leads to the section with the knives
and statues that shoot fireballs.

Full items:
Collect the items from a room. Exit the room and return to re-collect the items.

Insert the game disc into an audio CD player. Play tracks two and above to hear
music from the game.
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