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Red Baron 1 Cheats

Red Baron 1

Cheat Codes (1990):
Place your aircraft in a forward slip by applying full rudder in either 
direction and using the aileron in the opposite direction to keep flying
forward in a constant heading. Enemy aircraft that are in front of your 
plane will not shoot.

All missions:
Use a text editor to edit the "characters" file in the saved game folder. 
Locate the "MISSIONS" entry and enter "26" at that location.

Change airplane speed:
Use a text editor to edit the "objets __ planes" file in the saved game folder.
Locate the speed entry and change its value.

Reach the indicated number of victories to get the corresponding medal award.
Medals can be unlocked in career mode everytime you reach a certain amount of 
victories. You can gain one victory every time you shoot down a plane, balloon 
or zeppelin.

Medal                           Victories	
Iron Cross Secnd Class        - 3
Iron Cross First Class        - 8
Royal Hohenzollern Haus Order - 22
Orden Pour Le Merite          - 26
Red Eagle Order               - 70
Pour Le Merite with Oakleaf   - 80
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