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Real War Cheats

Real War

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Instant Supply Fill: 
This is a "During-Game-Play Cheat". 
This code can even be done with the game paused (F1)! 
Hold: [CTRL]+[LEFT]+[F9] Then Press: "S"

(NOTE: This cheat gives you 20000 supply instantly. If your 
supply bar does not accommodate 20000 supply, once you start
getting supply from supply choppers, planes, ships, etc., 
your supply will diminish to its fullest capacity.) 

Instant Fog-of-War Removal: 
This is a "During-Game-Play Cheat". 
This code can even be done with the game paused (F1)! 
Hold: [CTRL]+[RIGHT] Then Press: "F"

Counter units:

Unit               Weakness
Tactical Nukes   - ILA Mobile GTA 	
ILA Mobile GTA   - US Stealth Bomber 	
ALL Boats        - ILA and US subs 	
ILA and US Subs  - Sub-hunter Helicopters 	
Infantry         - Anything on wheels (run them over)

Multiple bases:
Enable the "Full supply" and "No fog of war" codes, then click on US 
headquarters. Build it next to a building that is included with the 
level. Next, build whatever you want, but keep them away from the US
headquarters that you built. Then, build a nuclear silo and launch a
nuke at the building next to the US headquarters that you built. 
Repeat this until you run out of everything in your inventory.

If you blow up an HQ, you will see a toilet fly out of it.
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