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Realms of Chaos Cheats

Realms of Chaos

Level Select:
Start the game with the QUEST:ELD< difficulty 1-5> command line parameter. 

Cheat Codes:
To enable cheat mode hold Caps Lock + D + X + Arrow Down. Press Backspace,
then type one of the codes below to activate it's cheat function.

Function                                           Code 
Power-up weapons, both characters                - fire
Full health                                      - rain
Power-up stamina, both characters                - magma 
Round mana gems up to 250                        - astral 
Enable fire, rain, magma, astral codes           - prime 
Level select                                     - ether 
Invincible, except for spikes, weights, drowning - wind

Debug Options:
Add these parameters on the command line when running the game:

Debug Mode - roc_debug (Press CAPSLOCK, D, and X together to fly anywhere. 
             Press the jump button to return to normal.)

Level Select - quest:exlydz (x is the episode number, y is the level number, 
               and z is the difficulty)
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