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Realms of Arkania 2 Star Trail Cheats

Realms of Arkania 2 - Star Trail

* Exit the Temple of Peraine (you will receive information about your quest).
* Exit "Lovely Meadow" Tavern. 
* Go to and spend a night at the "Rest" Inn.
* Pack your bags and leave the city.

* Take this route: south, southwest, south, south and continue along this route 
  until you reach Gashok.  
* Along the way, you may want to stop and aid the priestess.  
* It will be a difficult fight, but the reward is well worth the effort.

* Search the ruins of Artherion's Old Mill.
* Ask Gerlanje, the herbalist, about the "Mill" and then "Artherion."
* Leave the city to the northeast and commence marching.
* When you come to the dirt  path, follow it to the north.  
* If you are lucky, you will reach Artherion on your first try.
* Tell him that you have come to avenge him, and you know what he must have 
  gone through.
* Return to the city and stay the night at the "All Roads" Inn.
* Visit Gerlanje again and ask her about "foreigners" and "Valpor of Kuslik."
* Find Valpor of Kuslik and ask him where you can find the honourable newcomers.
* Find and kill Erholt of Tiefhusen.
* Execute Deregorn of Thunderbrook and search his home for evidence.
* Return to Artherion to be rewarded with two magical weapons.
* Return to city once again.
* Spend another nig.
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