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Realm Online Cheats

Realm Online

Submitted by: RM

Easy experience:
If you are a Warrior above level 75, use a Magic Mace, and have an 
Orb Of Holding, go to Drear Valley east of Monmouth Teleport. Once
there, attack any Aegiscians you encounter. Once you enter the 
combat cloud, use your Orb Of Holding on the Aegiscian. This will 
hold him for five rounds. Then, begin attacking him. You should 
kill him quickly, before he can even move and get yourself a 
large amount of experience points.

Wilderness shops:
When out traveling the land, you may encounter a tent that houses
a "wilderness shop". This is a good place to repair your armor and
weapons, and even recharge your orbs. However, do not buy from these
stores. They charge more for their items than the regular stores in
towns. They also pay less for items; do not sell to them if possible.
Keep your sellable items until you get back to town.
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